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The settlement of Zhoshy Ordasy (ancient city)

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Zhoshy Ordasy is an ancient city, fortress, settlement, is a fairly extensive urban complex, in the center of which is a fortress, a citadel. There is very little information about this object, as there is not a single mention on the Internet except for this article. The object is presumably dated to the IX-XI centuries. Ulytau region is replete with ancient cities, mausoleums and monuments, since in ancient times nomadic tribes lived here, the area is quite favorable for living.

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The settlement of Zhoshy Ordasy is located in Ulytau district, Ulytau region in Kazakhstan, Ulytau locality.

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Zhoshy Ordasy is an architectural complex in the Ulytau district, the complex occupies a fairly extensive territory, is fenced and partially restored. Perhaps the complex was the headquarters of Zhoshy Khan, the ancient ruler of the local lands. The complex has preserved walls, passages, corridors, rooms-rooms. A small yurt camp is located next to the complex in the summer, it is possible to relax here on your journey through the Ulytau region. We invite you to travel around the Ulytau region to the ancient cities of our ancestors.

Zhoshy-Ordasy Architectural complex in Ulytau region


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