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Taldysay ancient settlement

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Taldysay settlement is known as an ancient settlement of metallurgists in the Ulytau area. Dating according to the research indicates the 2nd millennium BC. The settlement of Taldysay was one of the places where Zhezkazgan copper was smelted during the Bronze Age. At the site of the settlement there was an ancient complex of smelting and foundry technologies. The settlement of Taldysai is the remains of ancient sites and settlements; here you can see ancient stone fences; part of the walls lined with flat stones of local rocks has been preserved.

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The settlement of Taldysay is located in the Ulytau district, Ulytau region, 82 kilometers from the city of Zhezkazgan, at the confluence of the Zhezdy and Taldysay rivers, near the village of Taldysay.
GPS coordinates: N48°12'51" E67°01'16"

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The settlement of Taldysay has been partially preserved; in our photographs you can carefully see what the capital of ancient metallurgists is like. Near the settlement there is the village of Taldysay. Since 1992, it has been studied by the Central Kazakhstan Archaeological Expedition. 2004-2006 The monument was examined within the framework of the Cultural Heritage program. New materials on the extraction of copper ore and finished products were collected and introduced into scientific circulation. At the site of the Taldysay settlement, the western and northwestern walls of a residential workshop with two thermal gutters were opened. In a residential workshop, 4 metallurgical pits were discovered, three of which were examined and identified as shaft-type furnaces with a ground heating system. At present, we can fully state that the settlement lived in two stages. The first stage coincides with the heyday of metallurgy, the second - with the development of livestock farming. Studying ceramic materials and knives found at the site of the settlement, it was established that the settlement arose in the second half of the 2nd millennium BC. e. and ceased to exist in the 1st-2nd millennium BC.

Taldysay settlement in Ulytau region


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