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Palace of Culture of Livestock Breeders (Malshybay)

Buildings built during the USSR in Kazakhstan -

Architecture of the USSR in the Ulytau region -

The Palace of Livestock Culture in the village of Malshybay is a dilapidated building built here during the Soviet era. Once upon a time, it housed a museum of livestock farming in the Ulytau region, and it was also a local cultural center. At the time of construction, the building was incredibly beautiful; the façade of the building is decorated with 5 tall columns. It is amazing that during the times of the USSR, Soviet people built such buildings far from their capitals and central districts. Now in Kazakhstan such buildings have not been built or restored for a long time.

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The Palace of Livestock Culture is located in the village of Malshybay, Ulytau district, Ulytau region in Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: N48°23'40" E67°51'38"

Information -

The Palace of Livestock Culture in the Ulytau region is in a deplorable state; the building has not been restored or put in order. On one of the Instagram accounts there is a post that the state of the cultural center in the village of Malshybay reflects the state of culture in the region and in the country. This building can now be used for filming films in the post-apocalypse genre, you don’t even need special scenery, just come and film an episode of a film about two lonely travelers who survive the apocalypse and accidentally came across this object in the steppe. We invite you to visit this unusual building and salute the Soviet builders who, in ancient times, built such beautiful buildings in the deserted steppe.

Palace of Culture in the Ulytau region during the USSR


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