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Meney Kazhi Mausoleum

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Meney Kazhy is a mausoleum, an architectural monument of the XX century, a sacred and sacred place in the Ulytau region. The mausoleum is a free-standing building built of red brick, the roof of which is crowned by a dome. The building is small, 8 meters long, 5 meters wide, there is an altar inside. Next to the mausoleum there is a territory fenced with a stone fence in which there are ancient burials.

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The mausoleum of Meney Kazhi is located in Ulytau district, Ulytau region in Kazakhstan.

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The mausoleum of Meney Kazhi is a later construction than other more ancient mausoleums in Ulytau. The building is made in the style that has prevailed since ancient times in the vast Ulytau region. A country road leads to the mausoleum, along which you can get to it from the city of Zhezkazgan. The area of Ulytau abounds with ancient architectural structures, mausoleums and monuments, the places here are sacred and sacred. Here you can often meet pilgrims who move from the mausoleum to the mausoleum and perform Hajj at ancient shrines.

Mausoleum of Meney Kazhi in Ulytau region


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