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Toksan Mausoleum

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Toksana mausoleum, a sacred sacred place in the Ulytau region. It consists of dilapidated buildings of the mausoleum complex in Ulytau. The complex consists of three or more mausoleums and their remains from different periods; the Toksan mausoleum itself is a small building built of red brick with three domes on the roof. This mausoleum requires restoration, and the building will soon be restored like all other mausoleums in the Ulytau region.

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The Toksan Mausoleum is located near the city of Zhezkazgan, Ulytau district, Ulytau region in Kazakhstan.

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The Toksan mausoleum belongs to the Tortkara family, it was the middle zhuz of the Kazakh Khanate. Local residents say that only very rich people, like their owners, could afford such a mausoleum. For example, Toksan's mausoleum was built by his brother, whose name was Kosherbay, he was a local ruler. It is also known that Toksan’s father, whose name was Zhamankara, was a very rich man; previously, wealth was measured by the number of horses and Zhamankara had three thousand horses.

Mausoleum of Toksan in Ulytau region


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