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Tortkara Mausoleum

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Tortkara is a mausoleum, an architectural monument, an ancient religious building of the XIX century, a place of pilgrimage, a sacred and sacred place of Ulytau. The mausoleum is a square building built of red brick, 10 meters high, and 6 meters wide and long. Inside the mausoleum there is an altar, next to the mausoleum building there are 2 mausoleums of a different architectural plan, and buildings.

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The Tortkara Mausoleum is located in Ulytau district, Ulytau region in Kazakhstan, 25 kilometers from the village of Atbasar. GPS coordinates: 48°46'41"N 66°47'31"E

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The mausoleum of Tortkara is oriented to the southwest, it is surrounded by the golden plains of Ulytau. There is incredibly beautiful nature here, especially beautiful here in spring and early summer. The building of the Tortkara mausoleum is decorated with a dome, beautiful hills stretch around the mausoleum, the Ulytau mountains are visible in the distance. Inside the mausoleum is decorated with various ornaments made in the Kazakh style, this mausoleum belongs to the genus Tortkara. There is very little information about this building on the Internet, except for a couple of resources, there are also no photos, here you can see what the mausoleum looks like now, we specially went and took beautiful photos.

Tortkara Mausoleum in Ulytau region


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