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Keiki Batyr Cave

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The cave of Keiki Batyr is a famous grotto in which a shooter, a sniper, whose name was Keiki, hid. Keiki participated in the civil war, which took place in the Russian Empire on the territory of present-day Kazakhstan. Keiki was the leader of the rebel army of the national liberation movement in 1916 – 1917. The cave is located in a picturesque place in Ulytau and is a local attraction, it is easy to get here from the city of Zhezkazgan by jeep.

How to get there, visit -

The cave of Keiki Batyr is located in Ulytau district, Ulytau region near the Karata-Turgai River, 44 kilometers from the village of Ekidin, in Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates 49°14'58N 66°35'48E

Information -

Keiki Batyr started the revolutionary struggle together with Amangeldy Imanov and Khan Abdulgafar (Abdigappar). He did not recognize the Soviet government, remaining a supporter of independence and monarchy. After the death of Amangelda Imanov and Khan Abdulgafar, Keiki-batyr went to the mountains of Ulytau. Seeing the popular shooter as a potential troublemaker, a little later the authorities gave an order for his arrest. It is believed that Keiki Batyr, along with his wife and brother, died during the battle, during which he managed to kill six and injure nine Red Army soldiers who surrounded his house. After Keiki, along with all his relatives, was killed, his head was cut off and taken to Orenburg as proof of death. It is also interesting that until recently the skull of Keiki Batyr was kept in the anthropological fund of the Kunstkammer of St. Petersburg (it was transferred here in 1926 from Orenburg). The skull returned to Kazakhstan only in October 2016.


Keiki Batyr Cave in Ulytau


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