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Konysbay Mosque in Ulytau

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Konysbaya is an ancient mosque, a sacred, sacred place in Ulytau. The mosque building is a dilapidated structure built of red brick in a picturesque area of the Ulytau region. The mosque was built by Sufi Konysbai who preached Islam in the Ulytau district. When the mosque was not destroyed, it was very beautiful, there was a roof on the mosque, the building consists of several small rooms. Nearby there is another building made of flat stone, which is also quite large, perhaps it was also a mosque, but different, and built in a different architectural style.

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Konysbai Mosque is located in Ulytau district, Ulytau region in Kazakhstan.

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The Konysbay Mosque is in a deplorable condition, the building needs urgent restoration, the roof of the mosque is missing, as well as part of the walls. The nature of the region where the mosque is located surprises and amazes with its beauty. The mosque is surrounded by the mountainous steppe of the Ulytau region, where the plain smoothly turns into hills and then into a low mountain. When the mosque was working, it was beautiful and not destroyed and people were being educated in it, one can imagine how interesting it was to receive education in such a beautiful place both in terms of architecture and nature. Probably in ancient times, life in the region was in full swing, herds of domestic animals grazed here, children ran and played, nomads grazed their flocks, and those who wanted to visit the mosque came and listened to the sermons of the Sufi Konysbai who built this mosque.

Konysbay Mosque in Ulytau district


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