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Babish Mola ancient city, fortress

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Babish Mola is an ancient city, dated to the IV-II centuries BC, is a very ancient complex of structures in which the Saks, carriers of the Chirikrabat culture, lived. Now the city consists of the remains of ancient structures, in some places the foundation, the remains of walls and low hills have been preserved, artificial mounds of which were houses and other household structures. The complex was first surveyed in 1946.

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Babish Mola settlement is located in the Kyzylorda region, Karmakshi district, 47 kilometers from the village of Komekbay.

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The Babish Mola complex of archaeological monuments was first discovered by the Khorezm expedition in 1946-1948. On an area of 70-80 square kilometers, various monuments of the ancient era, cities, fortified settlements, as well as private houses and burial buildings were discovered. In the center of the city there is a fortress-citadel. Later, in 2015, the group of the archaeological expedition "Chirik Rabat" conducted a topographic survey of the territory and began permanent excavations at the site. The whole complex is divided into two parts: the city of Babish Mall No. 1 and the city of Babish Mall No. 2.

The city of Babish Mola No. 1 is a city of a special shape, surrounded by a fortress wall 5.3 m thick, the foundation of which is made of brick. The walls are reinforced with towers with loophole openings. The city citadel is located in the north, its dimensions are 100x100 m. Its 2 m high walls were reinforced with semicircular towers. On the walls, in the towers, there are also loopholes. At the south-western entrance gate of the citadel, a powerful fortress measuring 30x30 m was erected, called the "donjon". Its walls have been preserved at a height of 4-5 m . It has several rooms. The doors leading from room to room have an arched shape. Since the main entrance gate was located here, it was used as a tower to meet the enemy. And a square building called the "big house" with a total area of 44x44 m was built in the city citadel.

Babish Mola Monument No. 2 is a city with an administrative, religious and economic center of historical and cultural significance. There is every reason to believe that this is a relatively large walled city with a central citadel and an adjacent fortified city. There was also a large agricultural area around the city with remnants of handicraft production, remnants of religious and funerary buildings. Babish Mola was also the capital center of the Saks, the bearer of the Shirikrabat culture.

Babish Mola Fortress city in Kyzylorda region


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