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Khan Ordasy fortified citadel-fortress

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Khan Orda-fortress, citadel, summer Khan's headquarters, is the remains of an ancient structure dating from the XIII- XVIII centuries, which housed the headquarters of the Kazakh khans in Ulytau. The structure was surrounded by a wall and a water moat, water was supplied to the moat from the Zhangabyl River. The Khan's palace consisted of two parts, the khan's courtyard in the central part and the outer courtyard where the servants lived, these parts were separated by a wall. Inside the central courtyard was the khan's royal tent and other summer quarters. There was a watchtower at each corner of the wall.

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Khan Orda is located in Ulytau district, Ulytau region in Kazakhstan.

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There is only one gate left in the Khan's Horde, they are located on one of the corners, and consists of flat stones stacked on top of each other with a wall height of 2-3 meters. The strategic importance of the place chosen for the Khan's Horde on the plain was taken into account, since the place is located on a hill, from which it was easy to observe the surrounding terrain. In this place, several Kazakh khans sat on the throne, one of them was Abylai Khan, Tole Bi, Kazybek Bi and Aiteke Bi, who were chosen by the khans in this horde. The study of this object was carried out by the archaeologist researcher A. Margulan, who dated the time of its construction to the IX-XIII century, and established that the object was created for defensive purposes. According to him, Khan Ordasy was the place where the inauguration of the Kazakh rulers, the khans, took place.

Khan Orda in Ulytau region


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