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The ancient settlement of Kum Kala (ancient city)

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Kum Kala is a settlement, an ancient city, a manor, dated from the XII-XIV centuries, represents the remains of an ancient structure in the desert area of the Kyzylorda region. The central part of the city is well preserved, part of the high walls, there are even remains of an ancient gate in the form of a narrow entrance, which is located on a hill, an elevation. This object is also known as a feudal manor, with a small settlement adjacent to it.

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The city of Kum-Kala is located in Zhalagash district, Kyzylorda region, 36 km from the village of Akkyr, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates 44°28'35N 64°13'31E

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The settlement of Kum Kala #2 Eastern belongs to the fortress of Kum Kala #1, which is located at a distance of 4 kilometers from this object. This object is a rectangular structure, measuring 200x155 meters. The material for the construction was clay, raw bricks of different sizes, under the influence of wind and water, these objects are slowly being lost.

The construction of the walls of the settlement of Kum Kala and the surrounding courtyard, as well as the walls of the house itself, was of poor quality, these are alternating layers of raw bricks of non-standard sizes and clay. To the north of the estate's residential complex there was a large area (160 x 140 meters) of an outer courtyard or garden, fenced with a clay wall without any traces of fortification, the gate was in the northern wall. Near the eastern wall in the garden there was a building (with an area of about 35 x 22 meters), of which only an oblong hillock 1.5 meters high has been preserved. It was probably a guest house, right in front of the house, in the center of the garden there was a small square pond. Ceramics from the Eastern Kum Kala have common features with the ceramics of the Uygarak settlement. There are many glazed dishes here, dating by analogy with Khorezmian forms of the XII - XIV centuries. Among the non-poured ceramics there are stucco products, various boilers, ornamented lids, lamps. 1.6 kilometers north-east of East Kum-kala are the ruins of Martyk-kala.


Kum Kala Manor (ancient settlement) in Kyzylorda region


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