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The city of Mortyk Kala (an ancient settlement)

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Mortyk Kala is a settlement, a settlement, dated from the XII-XIV century, a fairly ancient settlement in Kazakhstan, but there is very little information about it, we can say it does not exist as such on the Internet. There is no even a short description of this object, which indicates a poor study of it, perhaps there are written sources of information. Our expedition visited this site and took photos of it.

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The settlement of Mortyk Kala is located in a desert area, Kyzylorda region in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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The ancient city of Mortyk Kala is the remains of an ancient clay structure on the territory of Kazakhstan. A small part of the city has been preserved, the walls, the foundation, perhaps it was the central part of the city, a fortress or citadel. There are many similar poorly preserved structures in the Kyzylorda region, there is no restoration on them, there is only a sign next to it indicating what kind of place it is and what it is called. There is such a village in the Akmola region, but it has nothing to do with this object.

Mortyk Kala is an ancient settlement in the Kyzylorda region


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