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The city of Chirik Rabat

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Chirik-Rabat is a medieval city, fortress, dated to the XIV century BC, one of the oldest cities in Kazakhstan, the center of trade on the Great Silk Road. It was first explored in 1946 by the Khorezm archaeological expedition, led by S.P. Tolstov. The city was re-surveyed in 1948, in 1949 excavations and a small reconstruction and restoration of the object were carried out here.

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The city of Chirik-Rabat is located in Karmakshi district, Kyzylorda region, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 44°05'15"N 62°54'48"E

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The city of Chirik Rabat is a complex of structures with an area of 850x600 meters in the shape of an oval. The complex is fenced with two rows of fences and trenches with a width of 30-40 m and a depth of 3-4 meters. The entrance gates to the fortress are located on the south and west sides. The city was rebuilt several times. Excavations were carried out in the city of Chirik Rabat in 1957-58, as a result, two burial structures, a large fence, part of an apartment building at the foot of an ancient mound, a defensive castle and a tower, as well as a small part of a late medieval citadel were investigated. In 2004, under the state program "Cultural Heritage", research was conducted by the archaeological expedition "Chirik-Rabat" (head J. Kurmankulov). During the excavations, various kinds of burial structures were found, in which gold jewelry was found, as well as one of the oldest preserved samples of writing from the IV-II centuries BC, which were also found in Syria.

The settlement, the fortress of Chirik-Rabat in the Kyzylorda region


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