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Tompak Asar settlement

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Tompak Asar is an ancient city, fortress, settlement, dated to the IV-V centuries BC and V-VI centuries AD. It is considered to be a very ancient complex and is a fortification surrounded by a small settlement, the complex belongs to the Dzhetyasar culture. The settlement has been preserved very well if compared with other structures of this culture, walls, rooms and corridors have been preserved here, the central part was built in several tiers.

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Tompak Asar is located 29 kilometers from the village of Turmaganbet and 60 kilometers from the village of Zhosaly in Karmakchi district, Kyzylorda region, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 45°06'56"N 63°34'12"E

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Tompak Asar fortress was well explored, excavations were carried out here, during which rooms, walls, corridors were excavated and discovered, ceramics were also found. This fortress is an ordinary building of that time, many other similar fortress settlements were built in the same style of the Dzhetyasar culture. First, the central citadel of the fortress was built-the main building and then a small settlement was built around it. The material from which these structures were built is raw bricks of different sizes and clay. Presumably, large rich families lived like this and their servants lived around them, as well as there is an assumption that these were small hotels on the Great Silk Road.

Tompak Asar settlement in Kyzylorda region


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