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Ulken Kos Asar Settlement

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Ulken Kos Asar is an ancient city, fortress fortification, V-VII centuries, translated from the Kazakh language means Big Kos Asar. The fortress is really big, there is a high hill left of it, part of the walls is up to 10 meters high, which is quite high, the fortress itself can be seen from afar. The settlement belongs to the period of prosperity of the Dzhetyasar culture. There are many fragments of ceramics on the ground around the city, apparently ceramics eventually appear on the surface after the erosion of the structure, perhaps these ceramics were found during excavations carried out at the site, but this is unlikely, because ceramics lie everywhere throughout the entire territory of the structure and around it.

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Ulken Kos Asar settlement is located in Karmakchi district, Kyzylorda region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

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The city of Ulken Kos Asar has been little explored, no full-scale excavations have been carried out here, and the exact dating of the object has not been established. An error has been made on the sign next to the settlement where the data about the object is written and the dating is not specified accurately. The structure is surrounded by an additional high wall, and the remains of small structures can be distinguished around. Next to the settlement of Ulken Kos Asar there is another small fortress at a distance of about 300 meters. The structure is so large that when it rains, the water flowing down from it formed small streambeds around it.

Ulken Kos Asar settlement in Kyzylorda region


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