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Sygnak Mosque in the medieval town of Sygnak

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Sygnak Mosque is located in the famous medieval town of Sygnak. It is a completely renovated ancient mosque building. The mosque in its original form was incredibly beautiful, now after the restoration the mosque building has become even more beautiful. The mosque is built of red brick of the same size, at the moment the mosque is not used for its intended purpose, but belongs to an architectural monument of national importance and is open to the public, you can come here for an excursion.

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Sygnak Mosque is located in the Kyzylorda region, 20 km from the Syrdarya River, Karakiyak district, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 44°09'30"N 66°57'30"E

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The city of Sygnak or Sunak-Ata, where the Sygnak mosque is located, was a well-developed trade center on the Great Silk Road, the city was the capital of the Kazakh Khanate and the first mention of it about the city was back in the X century. The mosque in the city was only partially preserved, as well as the mosque was destroyed by people who stole building material for their needs. Now the mosque has been completely restored, but additional restoration work is still being carried out, perhaps a roof will be made on the mosque, now there is no roof, only the foundation, walls, archways have been restored. The mosque is open to the public during the day, as is the settlement of Sygnak, you can come here for an excursion and see how our ancestors lived.

Sygnak Mosque in Kyzylorda region


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