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Tagisken and Uygarak

Ancient burial sites of the Kyzylorda region -

Saka mounds on the Syr Darya River -

Tagisken is a settlement, an ancient burial site, Saka mounds, a complex of burial structures of the IX-VIII century BC. Perhaps this complex belongs to the Begazy-Dandybay culture. In 1959, as a result of the exploration work of the Khorezm archaeological expedition (led by S. P. Tolstov, M. A. Itina), 70 objects were discovered that are divided into the northern part and the southern part, both groups of monuments belong to two separate times.

The Southern Tagisken necropolis of the late Bronze Age belongs to the Amirabad culture and was originally dated to the 9th-8th centuries BC. However, recent studies show that it dates back to the middle of the 2nd millennium BC. Seven tombstones built of mud bricks were found here. In the center of the burial structures were rectangular burial chambers, which were once lined with wood. There were usually other, smaller chambers around the burial chambers. All the burial structures were robbed.

The Northern Tagisken is a complex of Saka mounds, which were rectangular pits measuring about 2.3 m by 2.5 m and 2 m deep. They had a wooden roof, over which a mound was later erected. Today they still reach 1.5 m in height. In the burial chambers, one burial was found in each. Ceramics were found in the mounds, and iron knives were found in the men's graves. Swords and daggers can be found in the later graves. Bronze arrowheads are often found in early Saka tombs. Bronze mirrors can be found in women's graves. A typical addition is a horse harness. Gold fittings with animal ornaments have also been found in some mounds

The Uygarak-Saka mounds, V-VII centuries BC, are located in the Kyzylorda region, 160 kilometers from the city of Kyzylorda. The mounds were first explored in the 1960s, a total of 80 large mounds were found and examined. During excavations, arrowheads, bronze jewelry, daggers, ceramics were found here. It was also found that the mounds were looted in ancient times, as evidenced by the pits in the mounds through which the excavation was carried out.

Tagisken and Uygarak settlements and mounds, ancient burials, sanctuaries


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