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Bulandy Mausoleum 2 (Balandy)

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Bulandy is an ancient mausoleum, also known as the Balanda sanctuary, an architectural monument of the II-IV century BC, a sacred place, a place of pilgrimage. The monument is the remains of an ancient sanctuary, belongs to the Apasiak culture. The mausoleum was first discovered and explored in 1960 by the Khorezm archaeological expedition. The mausoleum of Bulandy is surrounded by the boundless Kazakh steppe, it is very beautiful and unusual here, we recommend traveling here in late spring and early summer.

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Bulandy Mausoleum is located 40 kilometers from the settlement of Chirik Rabat, 8 kilometers from the mausoleum of Manyral, Karmakchinsky district, Kyzylorda region, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 44°09'47"N 63°23'27"E

Information -

The mausoleum, the sanctuary of Bulandy was not completely preserved, the foundation and walls remained of it. After archaeological excavations were carried out here, a partial restoration was carried out and a roof was made over the mausoleum, thus protecting it from the external effects of water, wind and its further destruction. The mausoleum is a circular structure, with a preserved wall height of over two meters, the mausoleum is built of clay bricks of different sizes. A re-examination of the site was carried out in 2011, it was found that in ancient times the mausoleum was looted, the burials in it were also looted. During excavations, a handle made of carved bone, scraps of leather decorated with gold and fragments of colored thin cotton fabrics were found here. In 1982, the Balanda 2 mausoleum was included in the list of historical and cultural monuments of national importance and is under state protection.

Balanda Sanctuary Mausoleum in Kyzylorda region


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