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The Kulboldy Ishan Mausoleum

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Kulboldy Ishan Mausoleum, a sacred sacred place, a place of pilgrimage, is a modern structure built in 2002, built around and within the oldest monuments and graves on the territory of the Kyzylorda region. The place where the mausoleum is located is located on an elevation, perhaps in ancient times there was already a certain structure, the ruins of which eventually turned into a small hill. Inside the mausoleum there is an altar and two tombstones (sagan), the monument is included in the list of cultural and historical heritage and is under the protection of the state of Kazakhstan.

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The mausoleum of Kulboldy Ishan is located a few kilometers from the village of Kogalykol, Surdarya district, Kyzylorda region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Information -

Kulboldy Ishan was born in the distant 18th century, 200 years ago, was a descendant of Kazhi Mazhi Leather, was a respected man, preached Islam, practiced healing, knew 12 languages. Kulboldy ishan was a follower of the cause of Khoja Akhmet Yassawi and his educational activities. Kulboldy Ishna studied in the city of Bukhara in Uzbekistan, then studied in the city of Kabul in Afghanistan, after studying he returned to Kazakhstan and continued his educational activities. Legend has it that Kulboldy Ishan worked miracles, talked to snakes and snakes fulfilled his wishes, he could change the weather, cause rain when he was needed, he could also heal people from ailments and diseases with the help of snakes.

Kulboldy Ishan Mausoleum in Kyzylorda region


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