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Bayan Aul National park and reserve

Attractions of Bayanaul

At the foot of the Bayanaul Mountains, there are many springs, clean lakes (Zhasybai, Sabyndykol, Toraigyr). In the park there are more than 20 archeological monuments, mounds of the Bronze Age, stone inscriptions and symbols, caves ("Aulietas", "Dravert", "Jug", etc.). Rocks ("Naizatas", "Zhumbaktas", "Kogershin", "Atbasy", etc.), which over the years have been transformed into various sculptures under the influence of wind and water, give a special charm to the nature of nature. The territory of the national park is divided into three forest areas, Bayanaul forestry, Zhasybayskoye forestry, Dalbinskoye forestry - 8 596 hectares.

Bayanaul reservehow to get there

National natural park and reserve in Kazakhstan, located in the south of the Pavlodar region (Bayanaul district), 100 km from the city of Ekibastuz, is part of the Central Kazakhstan Upland. Bayanaul reserve is a specially protected natural object located on the territory of Kazakhstan.


Bayanaul State National Natural Park was established in 1985 by Decree No. 276 of the USSR Ministry. It is located on the territory of Bayanaul district, with a total area of 50 688 hectares. On December 27, 2007 the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan expanded the territory of the park №1305. At present, its area is 68,452.8 hectares. By the decision of the Committee for Forestry and Hunting, the Kyzyltau Reserve was approved for protection by UNDP, with a total area of 60,000 hectares.

Bayanaul parkclimate, flora, fauna, culture

The climate is sharply continental (hot summers, cold winters). The relief consists of separate rocky uplands. The flora and fauna of the park is also diverse. More than 400 species of plants grow here (pine, birch, beech, raspberry, hawthorn, etc.), as well as plants listed in the "Red Book" of Kazakhstan. There are over 100 species of vertebrates. More than 40 species of mammals live here (argali, deer, wolf, fox, lynx, badger, squirrel, etc.), More than 50 species of birds (swans, geese, ducks, partridges, eagles, etc.) Argali, eagle and swan inhabiting here included in the Red Book of Kazakhstan. There are 8 types of fish (pike, carp, perch, etc.). Depending on the purpose, the territory of the park is divided into protected and recreational zones. Any kind of economic activity is prohibited in the reserve, and biodiversity and ecosystems are protected. Economic activity in the reserve zone is carried out in a limited manner and in a certain order. The number of visitors to the recreation area is also regulated. Bayanaul National Natural Park occupies a special place in promoting nature protection, careful use for the benefit of man, has a scientific, cultural and aesthetic value.



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