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Okshy Ata Mausoleum

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Trip to the mausoleum of Okshy Ata from the village of Shieli -

Okshi Ata is an ancient mausoleum of the XI century, an architectural monument, a sacred sacred place, a place of pilgrimage in the Kyzylorda region. The mausoleum is a building built of red brick, length-7.15 m, width-7.10 m, facade height-4.80 m, wall height - 3.30 m, dome height - 3.35 m. The wall thickness is about 1.1-1.2 m. Next to the mausoleum of Okshy Ata, there is another famous mausoleum of Asan Ata, both mausoleums are part of the necropolis of Jeti Aulie.

How to get there, visit -

The mausoleum of Okshy Ata is located 6.5 kilometers from the village of Baigekum, the right bank of the Shiyli River between the villages of Dosbol Bi and Baigekum, Shiili district, Kyzylorda region, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 44°17'17"N 66°32'15"E

Information -

According to one legend, Okshy Ata was born in Mecca, and at a young age he began his pilgrimage to Central Asia, which led him to the banks of the Syr Darya River in present-day Kazakhstan. Here he founded his school and began to preach Islam, engaged in educational activities and folk healing, according to other sources, he was a gunsmith and was able to make arrows, spears and bullets, was a warrior, a batyr and defended his native land from foreign invaders.

The mausoleum of Okshy Ata was reconstructed and rebuilt in 2005, where the mausoleum building was destroyed, the material was replaced with a modern one, modern bricks were added, and a new ornament was applied. Conditions for religious ceremonies are provided for visiting the mausoleum. There is also a decent dining room for 200 people, a flophouse and a mosque for reading the Koran and donations. The mausoleum is among the monuments of historical and cultural significance of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is under protection.

The mausoleum of Okshy Ata in Kyzylorda region


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