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Akkesene Tower

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Akkesene-the watchtower of the Kipchaks of the XIII-XVII centuries, one of the few surviving towers, is a tower structure built of brick, built for defensive and observation purposes. Next to the tower, the remains of another structure have been preserved, this is the Kokkesene fortress, apparently there were technical rooms, perhaps a warehouse, or a barracks. According to other sources, there was a small settlement town here. In general, there is not much information about this place, and if there is, then it is not homogeneous.

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Akkesene Watchtower is located 33 kilometers from the village of Boltirik, 14 kilometers from the village of Dosbol, southern part of the Muyunkum desert, Talas district, Zhambyl region, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 44°07'29"N 70°29'31"E

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The Akkesene Tower and the structures around the tower were investigated in 1896 by researcher V. A. Kallaur, there is no exact dating of this complex. The height of the tower is 9 meters, the Kokkesene fortress next to the tower measures 100x100 meters. Judging by the natural data found during excavations and the method of masonry, the fence seems to have been built in the 18th and 19th centuries. And the castle was built even earlier, in the 12th-13th century, as was the tower. But since there are very few materials found, it is difficult to accurately determine these dates. The fortress around the tower is oriented to the cardinal directions. The tower has the status of an architectural monument of Zhambyl region.

Akkesene Tower and Kokkesene Fortress in Zhambyl region


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