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Baizak Mambetuly Mausoleum

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Baizak Mambetuly is a mausoleum, a sacred sacred place, a place of pilgrimage, in the Zhambyl region. The mausoleum building is an octagon-shaped structure topped with a silver dome. The area around the mausoleum and the building itself were restored, a gazebo was made, a large mausoleum square was laid out, trees and flowers were planted, the entrance to the mausoleum was also decorated, a gate was installed at the entrance. The whole complex is located on a hill, an elevation in a very beautiful place, the mausoleum offers a beautiful panorama of the surrounding area.

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The mausoleum of Baizak Mambetuly is located 20 kilometers from the city of Taraz, Talas district, Zhambyl region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

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Baizak Mambetovich was a batyr, warrior, colleague and friend of Kenesara Khan, was a defender of the people, took an active part in uprisings against the Kokand invaders and the Russian Empire. Baizak was the leader of the country and his native land. After the capture of the southern region by the Kokand Khanate, he, along with his brother Baiterek, organized resistance and an uprising in 1821. Baizak Mambetovich seeks to pursue an independent policy, protecting the interests of the Kazakhs, not yielding to the Kokand invaders. His soldiers joined Kenesary and took several fortifications of Kokand in 1841, the same participated in the liberation of the Sozak district. Baizak led the uprising of the Kazakhs and Kyrgyz against the Kokand Khanate in 1858. He personally participated in the fighting against the army of General Kolpakovsky. At one time, he dug 160 km of canals to train the local population in agricultural professions. His benefits are still seen by people around Aulieata (now Taraz). Baizak Mambetovich was shot by order of the general of the Kokand Khanate Alimkulov. One district of Zhambyl region is named after Baizak Mambetuly.

Mausoleum of Baizak Mambetuly in Zhambyl region


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