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Karakozha Mosque, madrasah

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Karakozha is a mosque, a madrasah, an architectural monument of the early XIX-XX century, a sacred sacred place, a place of pilgrimage in the Zhambyl region. The author of the building is unknown, as well as the exact date of construction of this object is not known, the mosque has been rebuilt and restored more than once. The material from which the mosque is built is burnt red brick, the entrance of the mosque is stylized with columns, there are several domes on the roof.

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The Karakozha machet is located in Talas district, on the banks of the Talas River, near the village of Oyk in Zhambyl region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

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The Karakozha Mosque was rebuilt in 1909, the initiator of the project was Kara Khodji. On the eastern side of the mosque there is a window opening through which light penetrates into the mosque, and niches of the mihrab. Despite the fact that the mosque was built on the architectural model of the mosques of Bukhara and Samarkand, it differs from the design by its original gallery with a transitional arc. The monument was first explored in 1945 under the direction of G. I. Patsevich. Subsequently, in 1949, it was explored by the Zhambyl regional Museum expedition led by L. M. Rempel. In 1975-1980, he was studied by Kazproekt architects, in 2000 by specialists of PMK NIPI. By the end of the 80s, the dome gradually began to collapse, and many cracks formed on the parapet walls. Repairs were carried out in 1985-1989. A complete reconstruction was carried out in 2003-2004. In 1982, the Karakozha Mosque was included in the list of historical and cultural monuments of the Kazakh SSR of republican significance and taken under state protection.

Mosque, madrasah of Karakozha in Zhambyl region


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