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Korganshi Settlement

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Korganshi is an ancient city, a settlement of the X-XII century, represents the remains of an ancient urban complex, there are mounds of the city, which in ancient times were walls. In some places, the city wall has been preserved up to 5 meters high. The settlement is quite large, its structure resembles a fortification. There is no information about this structure, and there is also no information whether any research and excavations have been carried out here.

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The settlement of Korganshi is located in Talas district, Zhambyl region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

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The settlement of Korganshi belongs to the ancient settlements of the Zhambyl region, there are quite a lot of ancient structures in the region, such as ancient settlements and ancient mausoleums. There are such famous ancient cities as Kostobe, Ornek, Aktobe, Kulan, and Akyrtas. The region is famous for its sacred spirit of its land, its lands hold many beliefs, legends and many interesting artifacts such as ancient cities that store a lot of information. There are also many sacred places in the region, such as ancient mausoleums, ancient burial sites, such places are sacred to the Kazakh people, since the Kazakh people honor the spirits of their ancestors.

The settlement of Korganshi in Zhambyl region


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