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Nogai Ishan Mausoleum

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Nogai Ishana is a mausoleum, an architectural monument, a sacred sacred place in the Zhambyl region. The mausoleum was presumably built in 1920, it is a two-domed structure built of red brick. The mausoleum was first explored in 1950 under the guidance of architect V.V. Konstantinova and belongs to the type of religious building typical for the southern region of Kazkhakhstan.

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The mausoleum of Nogai Ishan is located in the vicinity of the village of Oyk, Talas district, Zhambyl region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

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The mausoleum of Nogai Ishan was built over the burial of a holy man, whose name was Nogai Ishan, he was a preacher, healer, revered and respected man. At the moment, the Nogai Ishan mausoleum is being destroyed, the upper part of the walls and domes are partially destroyed, the building requires urgent major restoration and reconstruction. It will not be possible to get inside the mausoleum, the mausoleum is closed due to its emergency condition, you can admire the building from the outside.

The mausoleum of Nogai Ishan in Zhambyl region


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