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Kulzhabasy, an ancient archaeological complex

How our ancient ancestors lived -

Ancient settlements, burial grounds of the Zhambyl region -

Kulzhabasy is an archaeological ancient complex that includes the petroglyphs of Kulzhabasy, the sites of ancient settlements of Kulzhabasy, the sites of ancient burials of Kulzhabasy, burial grounds, more modern mazars and natural sites such as the Kulzhabasy mountains where all this is located. Geographically, all of the above points belong to the Zhambyl region and are located directly in the Zhambyl region on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

How to get there, visit -

The Kulzhabasy complex is located in Zhambyl region, all the main places are located at different control points, all places can be reached by car, there is a country road here, which is best traveled by 4x4 cars. Our company provides a full range of services for the delivery of people to these places.

Ancient burials, Kulzhabasy burial ground -

The settlement of Kulzhabasy represents the sites of ancient settlements of our ancient ancestors, dating back to the period before our era and our era of later centuries. Here you can see the remains of ancient settlements that look like squares lined in a circle or square on the ground in which there were residential buildings lined with stones, the foundation and part of the walls are well preserved from them, as well as ancient burials in the form of stone boxes within the latter. Stone mounds can also be observed here, these mounds are also considered ancient burials for people from the upper classes. In ancient times, our ancestors revered the spirit of their deceased ancestors, and they were buried near settlements. Also in the area you can observe more modern burials, these are clay mazars, which are everywhere here. These mazars are rapidly destroyed as the clay is highly susceptible to external natural influences such as water, wind, and air temperature fluctuations.

The archaeological complex of Kulzhabasy


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