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Saudakent Settlement

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Saudakent is a medieval city of the IX-XV century, a settlement, in ancient times it was on the caravan route and was a place of rest after a long journey of trade caravans from all over the world. Now the settlement consists of small, low hills, which can be used to determine what kind of wall it was, where it was and how long. The inhabitants of the city were engaged in agriculture, cattle breeding, as well as the inhabitants of the city were engaged in handicrafts and trade.

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The Saudakent settlement is located near the village of Baykadam, Sarysu district, village of Saudakent, Zhambyl region, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 43°44'13"N 69°55'03"E

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The Saudakent settlement was explored several times, the first time the settlement was surveyed in 1901 by V.A. Kolosovsky, in 1946 by an expedition of the Center of Kazakh Archaeology under the leadership of archaeologist researcher A. Margulan, archaeological excavations were also carried out at this site. During the excavations, ceramics, fragments of dishes were found, and the remains of houses were excavated. The size of the settlement is 160x230 square meters, the height of the walls was over 6 meters, the city was surrounded by a defensive earthen rampart with a height of 2 meters, watchtowers in the amount of more than 10 pieces were located along the perimeter.

Saudakent settlement in Zhambyl region


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