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Akbikesh Tower

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Akbikesh Tower, a historical monument of the XIV century, is referred to as a watchtower built on the top of the Karatau mountains to observe the steppe, Desht-Kipchak. According to one legend, the tower was named after the beautiful Akbikesh. This type of structures on the territory of Kazakhstan is very rare, there are almost no such architectural monuments left. Restoration was carried out on the tower, after this restoration the tower continues to collapse.

How to get there, visit -

Akbikesh Tower is located in the spurs of the Karatau Mountains, 500 meters from the village of Aksumbe, Turkestan region, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 44°26'57"N 67°32'18"E

Information -

The Akbishek watchtower is built of mud brick, 10 meters high, 8 meters wide in a circle, the tower has one entrance and two windows for observing the surrounding area. Various legends that have come down to our days associate the tower with the female name Aru Akbikesh. The tower is built of mud brick above the foundation, which was created by filling the pit with large pebbles, the shape is rounded. The Akbishek Tower occupies a special place in the history of architecture of Kazakhstan.

Akbikesh Tower in Turkestan region


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