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The ancient city of Aktobe 3 (Turkestan region)

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Aktobe 3 is an ancient city, a settlement of the VIII century, one of the oldest cities in Kazakhstan, at the moment it is a low hill. There is almost nothing left of the city, excavations and research were carried out here, the place where the city was located was established, now there is only a hill and a sign with the exact location of the indication. The hill consists of three parts: the citadel, Shahristan and Rabad. The Shahristan project has the shape of a trapezoid, the citadel is separated by a deep moat and protective walls (an area of 70x60 m).

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Aktobe 3 settlement is located 3 kilometers from the city of Shardara, Turkestan region, Republic of Kazakhstan.


The city of Aktobe 3 was built of brick, during excavations different layers were found, which are dated to different periods as well. The first excavations were carried out in 1948 under the leadership of A. Margulan. The collected ceramics and glass and metal products indicate that the townspeople lived between the 4th and 13th centuries. An area measuring 200x300 meters was opened, ancient structures, walls of houses or outbuildings were also discovered, and the remains of a defensive structure were preserved on the southern outskirts. On the other layer, during excavations, boilers, ceramics, household utensils of various sizes, cups, mugs, plates were found. As a result of studies of ceramics and other objects collected during the excavations, it was found that the inhabitants of the city lived before our era.

Aktobe 3 settlement in the Turkestan region


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