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Zhalpaktobe Settlement

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Zhalpaktobe is a medieval city, dated to the VI-XIII centuries, is a low hill, a hillock, this is all that remains of the settlement. The city was oriented to the cardinal directions, in ancient times the orientation of cities and settlements to the cardinal directions was one of the important design features. The settlement was first discovered and explored in 1948 by the South Kazakhstan archaeological expedition (led by A. N.Bernshtam) and in 1966-1970 the Otyrar archaeological expedition (led by K. Akishev) conducted a study.

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The settlement of Zhalpaktobe is located 10 kilometers from another ancient city of Otrar, Otyrar district, Turkestan region, Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 42°52'50"N 68°11'08"E


The settlement of Zhalpaktobe consisted of two levels, had a rectangular shape, the area of the city was 240x200 meters, the size of the central part of the citadel is 100x90 meters, during excavations the remains of towers were found here, which were located at the corners of the fortress. The height of the towers was presumably 10 meters. Also, during excavations, remnants of ceramics were found here, dishes and kitchen utensils were found. The artifacts found indicate that the city existed here between the I-XIII centuries.

Zhalpaktobe settlement city in Turkestan region


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