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Zhuantobe Settlement

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Zhuantobe is a medieval town (Juvantobe), a settlement, also known as the city of Atlakh, dated to the VI – XII centuries. The settlement is the remains of an ancient structure, its central part is well preserved, it is the highest, resembles a high hill, inside of which there are various kinds of structures. The hill is surrounded by concentric earthen circles, in the past it was the outer walls, water ditches and other fortifications around the central part, the citadel fortress.

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Zhuantobe settlement is located 200 meters from Zhuantobe Railway Station, 13 kilometers from Talas village, Ordabasinsky district, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 42°31'34"N 69°07'24"E

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The settlement of Zhuantobe has been explored several times, archaeological excavations have been carried out here. In the archaeological literature, there is information about the discovery of a city at this site in 1893 and more than 5,000 silver and copper coins. The city consists of two parts: the central part (citadel-fortress) and Rabat surrounding it. The appearance of the center is square, the area is 90-120 m, the height is more than 20 m. The height of the surrounding Rabat is 4-5 m, the width is from 30 to 60 m. The gate site has been preserved to the north and south of the city. The first archaeological excavations were carried out in 1951 by the South Kazakhstan archaeological expedition (head Ageeva E. I.), and in 1996-97 - by the expedition of the Shymkent Regional Museum of Local Lore. During the excavations, the sites of warehouses and houses consisting of several rooms were cleared. The collection of found ceramics and copper coins produced by the Iranian Sassanid dynasty date back to the 6th-7th centuries.

The settlement of Zhuantobe in the Turkestan region


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