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Mardan-Kuik Settlement

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Mardan Kuik is a city, a medieval settlement, dated to the 1st century AD, one of the most ancient settlements of modern Kazakhstan. It is a high hill, part of the walls have been preserved here, as well as part of the interior. Judging by the archaeological excavations, the city consisted of a castle (citadel), Shahristan and rabad. The rectangular castle has a height of 11 m, an area of 70-40 meters, the rectangular shahristan has a height of 8 meters, its northern and southern walls are 340 meters long.

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The settlement of Mardan Kuik is located 7 kilometers from the village of Kogam, Otrarsky district, Turkestan region. GPS coordinates 42°54'12N 68°14'50E

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The settlement of Mardan Kuik was fenced in ancient times with a fence whose height was 8 meters. During the excavations, the remains of residential buildings with walls of raw brick, jugs, fragments of kitchen utensils were found. The copper coins found on the top floor of the city have an image of a lion on the front side, and an image of a bow on the outside as a symbol. These coins date back to the 8th century. Several clay kilns have been discovered in Shahristan. The pear-shaped furnace has two parts, in which a fire is kindled and a roasting chamber. In the gorenje chamber, the fire passed through a support column, and this column also supported the upper level of the furnace, the furnaces date back to the 12th-13th centuries. Research works indicate that in the Middle Ages Mardan-Kuik was one of the largest centers of crafts and trade in Southern Kazakhstan.

The settlement of Mardan-Kuik in the Turkestan region


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