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Kuyryk-Tobe Settlement

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Kuyryk Tobe is a medieval city, settlement, dated from the I-XV centuries, one of the oldest settlements of modern Kazakhstan and Turkestan region. The settlement is a large complex of various kinds of structures, these are residential buildings, outbuildings, a citadel-fortress, walls, moats, gates and towers. The Kuyryk-Tobe settlement is part of the Otrar oasis and is a monument of history and culture of local importance.

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The settlement of Kuyryk Tobe is located 7 kilometers from the settlement of Otrar, 16 kilometers from the village of Mayakum, Otrar district, Turkestan region. The Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 42°54'12"N 68°14'50"E

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The settlement of Kuyryk Tobe, according to researchers, arose in the I century AD, according to other sources, the city existed in the period before our era. The city was a craft and economic center, a center of animal husbandry. The remains of an ancient fortress-citadel have been preserved here, as well as part of the wall. The walls were high, their height was over 11 meters. The citadel has a size of 50x50 meters, the external buildings behind the citadel are concentrated on an area of 180x150 meters, the height of the walls around the buildings is 10 meters. Archaeological excavations at the site began in 1986 and continued in 1987. During the excavations, the characteristics of residential buildings of two periods were compiled: IV - VI and VI - VIII centuries. In 2004, restoration work was carried out on Mardan-Kuik. During the excavations, the base of the tower was excavated, the height of which is over 35 meters, the foundation of the tower is 10 meters, perhaps it was an ancient minaret. Also, during the excavations, it was found that the city was exposed to fire, a layer of ash was found, which was everywhere throughout the territory. It was established that the fire occurred here in the VIII century. Kazakh historians E. Smagulov and M. Kozha claim that the fire is associated with the conquest of the city by the Arabs. Shahristan fell into disrepair after the fire. However, in the IX - XII centuries, rabad was formed away from the citadel. During excavations, a lot of broken ceramics, remnants of dishes, iron products were found here, which indicates the smelting of iron in the city.

Kuyryk-Tobe settlement in Turkestan region


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