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Baidibek Bi Mausoleum

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Baidibek Bi is a mausoleum of the XIX century, it is a modern structure, the mausoleum was restored in our time, the building was completely rebuilt in a completely new form. Now the mausoleum is a square building of elongated shape, topped with a four-sided pyramid. The Baidibek Bi Mausoleum is located on a high hill, with a beautiful view of the surrounding area from the mausoleum.

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The Baidibek Bi Mausoleum is located 180 kilometers from the city of Taraz, Baidibek district, Turkestan region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

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The mausoleum of Baidibek Bi was erected in honor of batyr Baidibek Bi Bab. Baidibek was a historical figure who influenced the people with his far-sighted leadership and concern for the country. Our great ancestor Baidibek lived in 609-695. Baidibek Baba was born at the foot of the Karatau Mountains. The era of Baidibek's life was a time when the process of ethnic formation was rapidly underway among the nomadic tribes that inhabited the great steppe of Eurasia, and the foundations of the state were being laid. Excavations carried out in 2000-2001 in the Baidibek and Domalak ana complexes provide complete data and information about the place and time of life of historical figures in society. Among them, coins issued in the VI-VII centuries are important evidence of the life of Baidibek and his wife Domalak and their social status. Baidibek is the ancestor of the Alban, Suan, Dulat, Saryusin, Shapyrashti, Ysta, Oshakh tribes, which are part of the ancient Uysin association, which played an important role in the formation of the Kazakh nation. At one time, he was a great historical figure who united the heads of a nomadic country, organized and initiated the protection of the country and lands from the invasion of foreign enemies, and was reputed to be a wise commander.

Baidibek Bi Mausoleum in Turkestan region


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