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Imam Marcoza Mausoleum

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Imam Markoza (Koktonda Ata) is a mausoleum, an architectural monument of the XIX century, a sacred sacred place on the territory of the Turkestan region. The mausoleum is very popular, pilgrims from all over Kazakhstan and Central Asia come here. The mausoleum building is built of mud brick and finished with clay, the mausoleum is in its original form as it was built, only partial restoration was carried out here to preserve its original appearance.

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The mausoleum of Imam Markoza is located 10 kilometers from the city of Turkestan, near the village of Shubanak, Turkestan district, Turkestan region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

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The mausoleum of Imam Marcoza is located on a hill, an ancient necropolis. The necropolis is called by locals "Kokton Ata Aulie". The building of the mausoleum is crowned with a modern dome, the dome, which was previously decided to be reconstructed as it was in disrepair and required major repairs. The mausoleum was built with an architectural solution typical of the southern regions of Central Asia and Kazakhstan. The main facade consists of a portal with a twin tower, inside the towers there are also spiral staircases that climb to the roof. The total area of the mausoleum is 10 x 12 meters. In front of the entrance door there is a small corridor one meter long, going right and left. Passing through the corridor in the left wing, you can get into a room of 4 x 3 meters, and from there into a room of 6 x 3 meters. In the center of the room there is a 1-meter window with a metal grille. Through the window you can see the tombstone room and the altar.

Mausoleum of Imam Markoza in Turkestan region


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