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Daumshar Necropolis (mausoleum)

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Daumshar is an ancient necropolis, an architectural monument of the XVIII century, it consists of an area of 4 hectares on which there are ancient graves of different periods. The burial of batyr Daushmar is located on the territory of the necropolis, therefore this necropolis has acquired such a similar name. Batyr Daushmar was buried on the territory of the necropolis in 1810, the entire mausoleum of Daushmar was decorated and built here, but the mausoleum has not survived to this day, there is only one very old photo sketch of the mausoleum. In our time, restoration work was carried out on the mausoleum, the burial place and the former mausoleum were established, and a new building was erected on the site. The building had a name and a date written on it.

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The Daumshar necropolis is located 21 kilometers from the village of Karazhar, left bank of the Emba river, Bayganinsky district, Aktobe region, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: N47°40'50"N 56°03'23"E

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The Daushmar necropolis has over 200 tombstones, ancient burials and more modern burials. Many burials are made in the form of a helmet-shaped dome, that is, they are made in the form of an ancient warrior's helmet, which he wore to battles. On the necropolis there are saganatams, kulpytas, koytas, sandyktas, fenced beyits, so called in the Kazakh language of various kinds and styles of burial, some look like low stone steles, others are made in the form of stone fences, which also represent burials, as well as low mounds of earth and stone mounds. Stone steles have a very beautiful carved ornament, these steles are called kulpytas, the steles are decorated with contour carving with ornament painting. In 1982, the necropolis was included in the list of historical and cultural monuments of national importance and is protected by the state.

Daushmar necropolis in Aktobe region


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