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Tasastau Group of Temples

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Tasastau is a temple complex, an architectural monument, a sacred sacred place, a place of pilgrimage in the Aktobe region. The monument belongs to the simplest type of temples. Two medium-sized temples were built on the edge of the terrace on the north side of the well in the ravine. The diameter of Tasastau temple No. 1 is 7.45×6.5 m, the height of the preserved walls is 0.8–1.0 m. Before the construction of the object, a platform made of soil with an area of 10-12 m and a thickness of 0.16 m was prepared. The walls of the structure are laid from 3-5 rows of treated stone blocks. The internal structure of the structure stretched from east to West, its dimensions were 2.8×1.8 m. The exterior of the temple was oval, and the interior was rectangular. The width of the walls is 2.4 m, the inner part is filled with soil and small stones. The initial height of the object was at least 1.5 m. On the south side of the temple there is an entrance hall with a width of 1 m.

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Tasastau Temple is located in the area of Tasastau wells, Tasastau necropolis area, Aktobe region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

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The Tasastau temple complex has been explored, and excavations have also been carried out here. During excavations, various relics, cattle bones at different depths were discovered here, fragments of a bronze mirror, an iron dagger, tips of triangular bronze arrows, beads with white stones, fragments of four ceramic vessels and much more were also found.

Tasastau Temple No. 2 is located 1.5 km north of Tasastau Well. The diameter of the monument's dump is 23.9 × 24.2 m, the height of the preserved walls is 2 m. The temple has the shape of a circle, the first diameter calculated from the outer surface is 11 m. the inner area of the structure is 3.63 ×3.4 m. Despite the fact that the structure has a two-stage structure, there are no signs of roof overlap with the dome. The wall thickness of the second stage is 1.4-1.6 m. the outer surface of the round wall is laid with well-treated stone slabs. There are traces of tools on the surface of some stones. The temple was entered from the south side through a narrow corridor. Its length is 2.15 - 2.3 m, width–0.9 – 1.08 m, entrance height–1.2 m. Inside the temple, human bones, ceramic fragments and animal bones were found on each level. At the entrance to the structure on the right, at a depth of 0.4 m from the masonry of the structure, the burial place of a young woman with her head facing southwest was discovered. A bronze mirror and beads were found to the right of the buried man. It seems that the burials began after the cessation of temple activities. The temple had an oblong oval shape. The masonry on the inner surface is well carved and tightly laid. Five stone mounds are known from the south-west and south-east of the temple, where sacrificial rites were performed.

Tasastau group of temples in Aktobe region


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