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Necropolises of Donyztau and Ustyurt plateau

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Donyztau is a hollow, a tract, a chink, it is also a sacred sacred place and a place of pilgrimage, because there are ancient holy places, burials, necropolises, mausoleums that belong to the Mangyshlak peninsula and the Mangystau region. These holy places are located on the Ustyurt plateau and are an integral part of it, so not only natural attractions prevail here, but also architectural medieval religious buildings and complexes. There are ancient necropolises here on Mount Izengach, they stretch all over Chink Donyztau at a distance of about 25 kilometers. The largest are the Kainar, Tasastai, Taskudyk, Karamola necropolises, as well as there are about 70 smaller, single necropolises. Throughout the route there are wells and necropolises located in close proximity to these wells, the water in the wells did not leave them in the distant past, which contributed to the departure of our ancestors from this area. Necropolises are dated in different ways, there are early burials and later ones, the time interval varies from the XIX century and the beginning of the XX century. There are also such necropolises as Aksai, Ulken Zhybyky, Kishi Zhybyky, Arys-aulke.


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