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Dyn Uytas (dengek)

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Dyn (also known as uytas, keshene, keshen, dyngek) is a stone religious building from the early Middle Ages, dated to the V-X centuries, made in the form of a circle several meters high, built of flat stone, resembles the shape of a Kazakh yurt. The stone from which this structure is built is black slate, clay was used to glue the stones together and strength. The doorway of such structures is usually oriented to the east.

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Dyn Uytas is located 16 kilometers from the village of Baikonur, 4 kilometers from the Laksabai tract, Ulytau district, Ulytau region, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 47°42'25"N 65°55'07"E

Information -

Dyn is one of the characteristics of an architectural structure that began to develop in Kazakhstan between the VI and IX centuries, associated with religious faith. One of the types of architectural construction on the pre-Islamic Kazakh land are monuments, the construction system of which is similar to a yurt. Its walls are built of solid stone. This type of building prevailed during the Kimak Khanate and Karluk khaganate of the 8th century. The best-preserved sites of this type of construction: Central Kazakhstan, Zhetysu, Tarbagatai, Mangystau.Melons were built at the burial site.

Dyn Uytas in Ulytau region


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