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The medieval city of Almalyk

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Almalyk is a settlement, an ancient city, currently completely destroyed and lost, its exact location has been preserved from the city (coordinates on the map). The city covers an area of about 25 km2. Almalyk city was destroyed during the campaigns of Amir Timur in Moghulstan (1357, 1383, 1390). Almalyk was a major commercial, cultural and political center, along with many other cities that came to the main roots of the Silk Road. Almalyk played an important role in the medieval history and culture of Kazakhstan and East Turkestan.

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Almalyk settlement is located on the banks of the Ili River, 13 kilometers from the city of Khorgos, on the territory of the modern Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China, the border with the Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 44°14'24"N 80°31'59"E

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There have been no large-scale official archaeological excavations in the city of Almatylk. In 1950, Chinese archaeologist Huang Wenbi and the archaeological expedition of the Xinjiang Historical Museum conducted research. Ceramics and porcelain were discovered here, including Chinese porcelain dishes, gold and silver jewelry, metal household items and tools, especially appreciated in the Middle Ages, as well as Nestorian tombstones with words in the Turkic language.

Almalyk settlement in Almaty region

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