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Talapty settlement (very ancient city)

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Talapty is an ancient city, settlement, dated to the IV century BC, represents the remains of ancient houses, parking lots, ancient burials. The settlement was first discovered in 1982, the first excavations began on the settlement in 1985 under the guidance of researcher-archaeologist A.N. Maryashev. Fences of houses were discovered here, which are stone fences up to 1-meter high, rectangular masonry, some of which were visible visually and came out of the ground.

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Talapty settlement is located in the Dzungarian Alatau mountains, Gorge No. 8, gorge No. 10, Koksu River Valley, Zhetysu region, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 44°49'16"N 78°21'50"E

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The Talapty settlement was located next to the river, when there was a large flood, part of the settlement was washed away by water, now only a small part of it has been preserved. During excavations, residential buildings, warehouses, and garbage pits were found here. During deeper excavations, stone pestles, pieces of copper ore, bone arrowheads, sharp bones for piercing clothes, polished stones with grooves for tying ropes were found. A rope was imposed on the stones and used to catch birds and animals by throwing a rope with stones and tying the legs of animals or the wings of birds. Excavations and research are still being carried out at the Talapty settlement; this place is very interesting as it is considered one of the oldest discovered settlements of ancient man. At the settlement, you can come on a tour of their city of Almaty, see how our ancestors lived, admire the local nature and have a great time listening to the interesting stories of our certified guides.

Talapty settlement in Zhetysu region


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