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Dolankara Petroglyphs

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Dolankara petroglyph (rock art) is located in the Dolankara mountains (Tarbagatai spur), it is a single inscription in Sanskrit, the inscription is dated to the XVII century. This is the first and only inscription in the ancient Sanskrit language on the territory of Kazakhstan. The inscription was discovered by a group of researchers from Semey city from the Semipalatinsk State Institute.

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The Dolankara petroglyph (Sanskrit inscription) is located in the Dolankara Mountains, Tarbagatai Mountains.

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Information that there are mysterious rock inscriptions in the Dolankara mountains was received by the director of the center Mukhtarbek Karimov from a local resident Murat Ramazanov. Local resident Nurlan Zhumagazin helped with the search for inscriptions, who became a guide in the mountains for the leading specialist of the center Mukhametbek Asylbekov and a teacher of the medical university Galymbek Bazarbekov. The place turned out to be difficult to access, but the inscription was already visible from afar, as it was stretched by about a meter, and the height of the signs is 15 cm. It turned out to be the most famous Buddhist mantra "Om mani padme hum", written in Sanskrit, which means "Oh, the pearl shining in the heart of the lotus". Researchers believe that the inscription was made in the XVII century. It is assumed that its author is an outstanding Buddhist scholar, theologian, statesman Zaya Pandita. There is a historical version that in 1642 he wintered in these places. By the way, he actively participated in the popularization of Buddhism and could have made the inscription for these purposes.


Dolankara petroglyphs in the East Kazakhstan region


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