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Kyzyltas Fortress (Fort Novoaleksandrovsk)

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Kyzyltas fortress, (Fort Novoaleksandrovsky), a military fortification in the form of a fortress star, built in 1834-1846. At the moment, the fortress is an architectural landmark of the region, you can come here on an excursion and see everything with your own eyes. Fort Novoaleksandrovsk was built on the territory of modern Kazakhstan during the Soviet era, to protect against the raids of nomads.

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Kyzyltas Fortress (Novoalexandrovsk) is located 70 kilometers from the village of Otes near the coastline of Kaydak Bay, Mangistau district, Mangistau region, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 44°54'15"N 53°48'33"E

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The garrison of the Alexandrovskaya fortress (Fort Kyzyltas) consisted of 500 soldiers, and several cannons, as well as sled horses for the garrison who did not have enough food. The Tsarist government intended to finally subjugate the local tribes of Kazakhs and Turkmens to Tsarist Russia through the Novo-Alexandrov Fortress. The fortress was destroyed in 1846. Initially, the place for the construction of the fortress was chosen unsuccessfully, the fortress stood here for only 12 years and, due to the presence of many problems, was later moved to the Mangyshlak peninsula in the city of Fort Shevchenko in more favorable natural conditions and a convenient location.

Kyzyltas Fortress (Fort Novoaleksandrovsk) in Mangystau region


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