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Ainazar Ata Mausoleum (Ruy Baubek)

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Ainazar Ata is a mausoleum, a necropolis, a sacred sacred place, a place of pilgrimage in the Mangystau region. The mausoleum is a small building made of white shell stone, which is abundant in the region. The mausoleum is part of the Ainazar-Ata necropolis, the building is very beautiful, has a small central entrance, low columns are located on the sides, an altar and a burial place are located inside.

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Ainazar Ata Mausoleum is located near the town of Fort Shevchenko, Mangistau district, Mangistau region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

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Ainazar Ata Necropolis is one of the many ancient burial complexes of the Mangyshlak peninsula. There is a special house for pilgrims here, where believers traveling around the peninsula can spend the night, relax and pray. The Ayeazar Ata necropolis consists of koytas, saganatams of traditional form. The necropolis is named after Ainazar Batyr (1786-1870). Ainazar was highly appreciated by the people for his bravery, courage, as a legend has been preserved among the people-the story that he alone could defeat four dragons at once. Ainazar Ata was an active participant in the Adai uprising of 1870, distinguished himself by his accuracy and heroism. The hero died during a battle with the Russian tsarist army. The "Notes of the Russian Imperial Geographical Society" (19th century), written by Russian researchers in the eastern Caspian Sea, says: "almost the entire Mangystau is full of cemeteries of saints, sacred places revered by Kazakhs and Turkmens. Some cemeteries are built of stone with domed tombs with inscriptions from the Koran.

Ainazar Ata Mausoleum in Mangystau region


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