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Demeu Necropolis

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Demeu is a necropolis of the XIX-XX century, a complex of ancient graves, a sacred and sacred place on the Mangyshlak peninsula. The mausoleum of Demeu and several other saganatams and other monuments are isolated from the general territory of the necropolis and surrounded by a stone fence. Perhaps this is the ancestral tomb of those buried from one of the Tupkaragan clans. The mausoleum is a typical structure for Mangystau architecture with a relief pattern on the side portals of the building. There are many preserved kulpytas with stone drawings of weapons, household items, and women's jewelry.

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The Demeu necropolis is located on the Tupkaragan Peninsula, near the town of Fort Shevchenko, Mangystau district, Mangystau region, Republic of Kazakhstan.


The entire territory of the Demeu necropolis is marked with rabbit tracks. Hare families live in the bushes between the graves. Aman Kosamanov, being an enthusiastic hunter and passing through the territory of the necropolis, told this legend: there lived a hunter famous for his marksmanship and hunting prowess. All the villagers accompanied him on a hunting trip, because they knew that after his return he would definitely throw a feast for the whole world. It is clear that the villagers did not spare kind and affectionate words for a successful hunter. One day he got so carried away that he didn't think there were enough hares. He started hunting goats. The blood of the murdered victims flowed into streams, connecting them into rivers. Far away on the top of the mountain, the hunter saw a proud argali with huge horns. Forgetting about his friends, he rushed on and on without stopping. Friends, seeing the insatiability, unrestrainedness of the shooter, left him. But the hunter wasn't going to stop. Argali, it seems, flew from one mountain to another, dragging the proud hunter with him. At one point, the hunter lost sight of argali, stopped to rest and saw that he was on top of a high mountain. It is known to tourists, climbers and other thrill seekers that it is easier to climb a mountain than to descend. Our hunter climbed such a mountain in a fit of excitement. He saw that the grass refused to grow in this place either. Only the sun beat down mercilessly, and the wind dried up the peak. People say that a proud hunter died on top of this bare mountain. The wise elders say that this retribution has overtaken the marksman. No one remembers exactly where this mountain is located. Haman also noticed that any peak of Tupkaragan can become a mountain of retribution for a hunter. As benevolent and hospitable as Tupkaragan's mother nature is, it is also merciless to insatiable vandals and murderers who do not know how to stop the "bloody" appetite in time.

Demeu Necropolis in Mangystau region


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