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Karasakal (necropolis)

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Karasakal is a necropolis of the XVIII century, the necropolis is very large and occupies a large territory, its area is 15 hectares. The necropolis belongs to the representatives of the Kazakh family Adai, (the Younger Zhuz), there are over 1000 graves of different ages. The tombstone with the inscription Karasakal is located in the northwestern part of the necropolis. Pilgrims from all over Kazakhstan and Central Asia come to the necropolis. As in all other necropolises of Kazakhstan, there are such monuments as kulpytasami, koytasami, sandyktasami.

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Karasakal necropolis is located 61 kilometers from the village of Zharkamys on the banks of the Emba River, Bayganinsky district, Aktobe region, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 47°33'06"N 55°52'19"E

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The Karasakal necropolis is home to the Edinbai Mausoleum, which is also a sacred and sacred place, a place of pilgrimage to the necropolis. The mausoleum is an architectural monument, it is a square low building with a dome similar to a combat helmet of the Kazakh war, this kind of architectural solution is present on other similar mausoleums in Kazakhstan. The mausoleum is built of well-treated limestone blocks, the walls of the mausoleum are decorated with Kazakh national ornaments.

Karasakal (necropolis) in Aktobe region


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