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Beltoran Necropolis

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Beltoran is an ancient necropolis and mausoleum of the XIV century, located not far from another necropolis-the mausoleum of Akshora, both mausoleums are sacred sacred places and places of pilgrimage in the Mangystau region. The Beltoran necropolis is a complex of ancient tombs located on the shore of a dried-up riverbed and a small dried-up lake, there are monuments such as koytas, saganatams, ushtas, bestas.

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The Beltoran Necropolis Mausoleum is located 2 kilometers from the Akshory Mausoleum, Mangistau district, Mangistau region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 44°26'24"N 50°51'31"E

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On the Beltoran necropolis there is the Beltoran mausoleum, which is a domed structure, built according to the technique of a false vault, without cladding. According to legend, Beltoran was the name of a local young man who fell in love with the beauty of Akshora, the lovers were from different villages of settlements that lived on the same lake. When the girl's father found out about their love, he gathered his settlement, took his daughter and went far into the steppe, but love knows no distances, Beltoran began to pursue his beloved, he found her far away in the steppe when her father was going to marry her to another man. Beltoran and Akshora escaped, but the girl's father gathered warriors and began to chase the escaped young men and overtook them on the edge of a high cliff. From this cliff, the beloved jumped into the abyss and died, such a sad legend envelops both these mausoleums. So two necropolises – Akshora and Beltoran – stand on the endless plain, as mute witnesses of the tragedy that occurred at the end of the XVII - beginning of the XVIII century in Mangystau, as a monument to eternal and immortal love.

Mausoleums of the Beltoran necropolis and Akshory in the Mangystau region


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