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Sonabai Underground Mosque

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Sonabai is an underground mosque, a monument of religious architecture of the XIX century, a sacred, sacred place, a place of pilgrimage in the Mangystau region. The mosque is part of the Sonabai necropolis, it is a cave cut into the rock, consists of three spacious rooms that are connected together. The mosque is in disrepair, the monument needs urgent restoration. The ceiling collapsed in one of the rooms, so while in the mosque, observe safety precautions and do not enter the mosque.

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Sonabai Mosque is located 7 kilometers from the village of Ushtagan, Sonobai necropolis, Mangistau district, Mangistau region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

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The entrance to the Sonabai Mosque is located in the southeastern part of the facility, and the exit door is located in the southwest. The total height of the mosque is 4.7 meters, the length of the rooms is up to 6 meters, the width is 2.6 meters, the average height is 2.5 meters. A small cavity accommodating a person has been made on the western wall, ornaments are engraved along the edge, and a light opening has been preserved on the ceiling. The underground Sonabai Mosque is under state protection at the local level. There is not much information about the mosque, the locals say that the mosque was built by a man named Sonobai who lived in the XIX century, and preached Islam in the region, engaged in educational activities. The Sonabai Mosque has not been studied, not archaeologically or ethnographically.

Sonabai Underground Mosque in Mangystau region

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