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Altynkazgan Complex

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Altynkazgan is an ancient cult and burial complex, an architectural monument of the I-VI century. The complex was heavily looted in the past centuries. However, despite this, archaeologists have found most of the items. In particular, fur was found in its decoration, ancient craftsmen used buttons, red and amber gold, and precious stones. These exhibits belong to the Hunnic culture. The Altynkazgan complex covers an area of about 130 hectares and contains more than 200 archaeological sites, including mounds, large and small fences, sacrificial ceremonial sites and other stone structures.

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The Altynkazgan complex is located in the valley between the Cretaceous belt of Northern Aktau (Akmaya) and the Western Karatau mountains, within the Tobekudyk, Orzhol and Kulaat mountains, Mangystau district, Mangystau region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

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A study of the Altynkazgan complex specifically of thirteen different sites at the site of the monument showed that the main part of the buildings was severely damaged and looted in ancient times. The nature of the destruction reflects the purposefulness and methodical actions of the robbers. The history of the discovery of Altynkazgan and subsequent studies of the site of the monument allowed us to find here a whole series of metal objects, remnants of saddles, bronze arrowheads, belt buckles, bells, fragments of bronze mirrors. Archaeologists will never know what the robbers found here, but the centuries-old name of the place confirms that people were looking for gold.

Altynkazgan complex in Mangystau region


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